Recruiting Methods

The 9 steps of our recruitment method

  1. Choosing the approach. The main activity of SCS Search is executive and specialist search. The needs and requirements of our client form the basis of our search and determine the choice of approach. Sometimes it may be advantageous, for example from a marketing point of view, to make public the fact that your company is expanding. In that case, combining search with a job ad (selection) might be the appropriate approach. In other cases, only individual assessments within a company are carried out – sometimes with no external candidates.
  2. Choosing the approach.The preparatory work is the key to success. First, we make a thorough analysis of the company and the position on the spot, together with the people involved in the decision-making process. Then, following client approval, a document is produced and distributed to the candidates.
  3. Identifying the target companies. At this stage, we carefully analyse potential target companies where we can find suitable candidates for recruitment. Only a limited number of companies will be selected.
  4. Searching candidates.A) A close, personal and regular contact with candidates in our database is an essential part of our concept. B) We also search suitable candidates for our client’s needs outside our candidate database.
  5. Search period.The search period lasts between two to four weeks. This time is taken up by search work and interviews.
  6. Personal Analysis.Each candidate who has been selected for an interview with the client is subjected to a personal analysis, which is followed by an evaluation before the candidate is introduced to the client. This allows candidates to get a better understanding of themselves and their opportunities.
  7. Presenting the final candidates.As a rule, three candidates are presented to the client.
  8. Checking references and making recommendations.As a rule, three previous employers are contacted before a recommendation is made to the client. This recommendation is based on the overall impression from interviews, the personal analysis and reference checks. It is important to point out that it is always the client who makes the final decision concerning the choice of candidate. Candidates who are not selected may candidate for new positions. In this way, the relation with the candidate is maintained.
  9. Follow-up.A follow-up of the candidate in his or her new position is done after approximately three months. The follow-up is an important step to make sure that the recruitment was successful, both for the candidate and the client.
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